Institute of Population Genetics PoPoolation DB University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
D. mauritiana genome sequence r. 1.0 in FASTA format Dmau_MS17_all_chromosomes_r.1.0.fasta.tar.gz
D. mauritiana annotation gene set 1 Dmau_MS17_gene_set_1.gff3.tar.gz
D. mauritiana annotation gene set 2 Dmau_MS17_gene_set_2.gff3.tar.gz
D. mauritiana annotation gene set 3 Dmau_MS17_gene_set_3.gff3.tar.gz
D. mauritiana annotation gene set 4 Dmau_MS17_gene_set_4.gff3.tar.gz
D. mauritiana annotation gene set 5 Dmau_MS17_gene_set_5.gff3.tar.gz
BAM file containing D. mauritiana Pool-Seq data
(filtered for mapping quality 20 and proper pairs)
PoPoolationDB - user-friendly database
to investigate natural variation in D. mauritiana
De novo assembly and annotation of the D. mauritiana reference strain MS17 and details of the D. mauritiana Pool-Seq data are described in "Genome-wide Patterns of Natural Variation Reveal Strong Selective Sweeps and Ongoing Genomic Conflict in Drosophila mauritiana"
Genome Research
Script for computing coverage from NGS reads and GC content in sliding windows along the chromosomes
Package containing the script for computing the number of broken pairs in windows along the chromosomes